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Welcome to ScolioBend

We're All Bent To Be Strong

We know having scoliosis can be hard, because we've been there ourselves. We're a service-oriented organization by scoliosis patients for scoliosis patients dedicated to help you navigate your life with scoliosis. We hope to support you throughout your entire journey with our hand-made resources (like our free iOS app and our treatment guides), and we hope to connect you to other scoliosis patients and mentors along the way. Don't forget that you are a scoliosis warrior, and you are Bent To Be Strong!

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Our Media Features

ScolioBend is already making a splash in and out of the scoliosis community.

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Feature on Wharton's Future of the

Business World Podcast

Thank you @whartonyouth for this great opportunity to share ScolioBend! We are glad to have the privilege to support and
connect with scoliosis patients.

National Scoliosis Center Feature

Feature by National Scoliosis Center

Our iOS app and journey founding ScolioBend has been featured by the National Scoliosis Center. Thank you National Scoliosis Center for this amazing feature! We hope our iOS app continues to empower and remind scoliosis warriors that they are bent to be strong.

Download our free iOS phone app on the App Store today.

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Our Impact in 2021

In 2021, we helped scoliosis patients around the world be Bent To Be Strong™.

2021 was a momentous year of changes for everyone. The ever-changing seasons and times of this past year have reminded us both of the constancy of scoliosis and our ability to make an impact on global communities when we come together.

When I founded ScolioBend this past year with our free iOS phone app, we set forth with a new mission: to encourage, empower, and support the global community of strong, passionate, and beautiful scoliosis patients. Our logo is a statement of the scoliosis story’s purpose: we are Bent To Be Strong™.

Since the fateful founding day of January 4, 2021, our company has flourished in number, impact, and community. We have grown a national team of members. We have impacted over 400 scoliosis warriors. And along the way, we have formed and joined a tight-knit community of scoliosis warriors with empathy, understanding, and the resources they need to succeed.

Entering into the new year, I am excited for our new future where we continue to touch the hearts and journeys of scoliosis warriors, together.

-Christine Sinn (Founder & CEO)

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Read our 2021 Impact Report Here

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Ready to embrace scoliosis with ScolioBend?

Check out the resources on our website, follow our social media channels, and download our free iOS phone app. Contact us if you'd like to come and join our team as well. Together, we can brighten the scoliosis journey.

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