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Having scoliosis can be hard, from tracking your treatment journey to understanding how to navigate your world. We understand how you feel. ScolioBend, a comprehensive treatment management tool, is solely here to make your journey easier. ScolioBend is the last scoliosis treatment management tool you'll need to look for again, and it's free.

Our phone app ScolioBend has launched on the Apple App Store. Join our mailing list today and be notified of new and exciting plans we have in store, as well as monthly tips to support you through your scoliosis journey.


App Features

Supporting Your Journey Every Step of the Way

Informative Articles

We believe credible knowledge is empowering, so we bring everything you need to know about scoliosis right to your fingertips.


Comprehensive Lifestyle and Treatment Guides

Scoliosis is more than just fact; scoliosis is a lifestyle. Our guides are meant to help you through every milestone and bend of the journey, and they're crafted by people with scoliosis for people with scoliosis.
*Coming on our website in Early 2021

Robust Tracking Tools

When scoliosis treatment involves cumbersome numbers and tracking, you can call on us to bear the heavy lifting. We have user-friendly tracking options for you to use and export to others so you don't have to worry about keeping track of all those numbers.
*Coming Summer 2021


User Testimonials

This app is impressive and it has an impressive background. The creator of the app who is the founder of ScolioBend is a high school student! The information and the inspiration contained in this app come from the heart.

Amazing product and first of its kind. Helpful to have an app that's free with the amount of features ScolioBend provides.

Such an AMAZING app! What an inspirational story and so much great information on this app. Easy to navigate, works well, and it was free. Would highly recommend to anyone with scoliosis!


Meet Our Founder and CEO, Christine Sinn.

Hi, my name is Christine. I'm the founder of ScolioBend, LLC. It's great to meet you!

I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis when I was 12 years old, and it changed my life. I wanted to be a professional tennis player growing up, and I had to quit the sport to instead embrace many doctor's appointments and back bracing. It was hard; I understand how you feel. But I learned that scoliosis is not the end. Even though scoliosis closed one door, it opened many other doors where I could pursue my dreams. Scoliosis led me to my greatest passion: helping others.

There is no denying that having scoliosis can be difficult. When I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I didn't even know what scoliosis was. On top of that, I still had to decide what to wear to school each day, keep track of how long I wore my brace, and figure out how to share the fact I had scoliosis with my friends. There is so much more to scoliosis than just going to the doctor, and I want everyone who has scoliosis to feel ready, encouraged, and most of all strong through their journey. That's why I created ScolioBend.

I created ScolioBend for all of us. We are all uniquely special, and we can all pursue our dreams and passions. Scoliosis no longer hinders us; it empowers us to do greater things. Let's do amazing things together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ScolioBend better than other online trackers or simple pen and paper?

ScolioBend offers an immersive and seamless experience far beyond just meeting your treatment goals. With our helpful articles and comprehensive treatment guides, our aim is to make scoliosis a journey centered around your personal growth and fulfillment. Our app goes beyond digital trackers. We provide emotional support and connection for our scoliosis patients. We understand that scoliosis is a lifestyle, and we're ready to be there whenever you want us to be.

How often are there updates to the app?

We are releasing the main features of our app in two phases. Phase 1 (Early 2021) will include our informative essential articles to help you get started on your scoliosis journey. Phase 2 (Summer 2021) will include a comprehensive tracking tool that will help you manage and track any treatment requirements so you can conquer your goals successfully. We will also include lifestyle and treatment guides crafted by people who also have scoliosis that help you navigate every aspect of your journey. You can find them on our website.

*If you are a member of our mailing list, you will receive emails notifying you of when our app is updated.

Is your app really free?

Yes, our app is really free! There is no cost to download the app or purchase any features inside the app. We believe that our product should be accessible to everyone. We hope you enjoy ScolioBend!


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