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Meet Our Team

Meet our diverse and strong team who make ScolioBend a special place.

Meet Christine, our Founder and CEO

It's nice to meet you! I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12 years old, and it changed my life. I wanted to be a professional tennis player growing up. Instead, I had to quit the sport to manage my scoliosis. It was hard. But I learned that scoliosis is not the end. Even though scoliosis closed doors, it opened my eyes to other possibilities.

When I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I didn't even know what it was. Now I know that there is so much more to scoliosis than just going to the doctor, and I want everyone who has scoliosis to feel ready, encouraged, and most of all strong through their journey. That's why I created ScolioBend.

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Our Marketing Team

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Meet Michelle, Our Head of Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle. I’m a high school student from the California Bay Area who is passionate about making positive change through creativity, collaboration, and compassion. In my free time, I enjoy painting, tinkering around in the kitchen, playing Just Dance with family, and reading (whether that be a new webcomic or long novel about personal bias and decision making). Until the age of eleven, I trained as a competitive ice skater but concluded my journey due to risks of exacerbating chronic injuries. Having supported friends through their diagnoses and listened to their stories, I’m excited to join this amazing team that empowers the strong community of Scoliosis Warriors!


Meet Celeste, Our Illustrator and Designer

Hello! I'm Celeste Wang, a high schooler at Crystal Springs Uplands School in the California Bay Area. I love to work with other people, whether it be teaching kids or attending Model UN conferences. Some things I enjoy doing are baking, cooking, and fashion. I am passionate about all things art, from textile and sewing design to painting and drawing. Although I don't personally have scoliosis, I hope that I can use my skills and passions to broaden the impact that ScolioBend has on the scoliosis community. I hope that through illustration and art, we are able to support and raise awareness surrounding the journeys of those with scoliosis.

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Our Outreach Team

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Meet Phillip, Our Head of Outreach

Hello! I'm Phillip Pazdur. I am a student from SWMHS in NJ, who is passionate about making an impact on the world and assisting the community. I enjoy traveling around the world and experiencing new wonders with my family. I also love to play tennis and bike around with my friends. I am fascinated by the world of medicine and technology, and I wish to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. I have years of experience in the marketing field, placing at FBLA and DECA business competitions, as well as being the current marketing coordinator at my DECA chapter. I believe that the way information is spread can change somebody's life, as well as the world around us. I look forward to helping bring support and change for all through ScolioBend!

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Our Research Team

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Meet Aaryan, Our Head of Research and Engineering

My name is Aaryan Parikh, and I'm a rising junior at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey. My passions lie in business, tennis, and playing guitar. I am grateful to become a part of ScolioBend because scoliosis runs in my family, and I have seen firsthand how it can affect someone's life. Additionally, I'm excited to be a part of this team and help raise awareness as well as provide support to those with scoliosis. Some fun facts about me are that I love Mexican food, trying new activities to get out of my comfort zone, and traveling the world to get new experiences.

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Meet Amrita, Our Research Team Member

Hi everyone! My name is Amrita Lal and I go to Trinity Christian School. This is my second year playing varsity field hockey and softball. I love to cook and bake, finding recipes online that I can recreate. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching movies with my brothers. My favorite classes are math and science and I would like to pursue a career in Cardiothoracic surgery. Over the summer I completed an online intensive medical program through Johns Hopkins University, which allowed me to gain an understanding of different areas of medicine. I would like to complete my undergrad studies at UVA majoring in computer science.

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