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Our Research Studies

Through our research studies, we hope to shine light about scoliosis and how it affects the community.

Scoliosis Therapy Survey

December 2021

Are you going through any kind of physical therapy for your scoliosis, or are you looking into it as a treatment option? Check out our research study to hear what fellow scoliosis warriors have to say about the process.

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Mental Impacts of Idiopathic Scoliosis

August 2022

Living with scoliosis is not just a physical journey, but a mental one. Feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression are widely shared among scoliosis patients from the point of diagnosis through their journey. The goal of the study is to shed light on the mental impacts scoliosis can have on a patient, and the importance of emotional support resources to help scoliosis warriors get through their journey.

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Our Research Studies: Media & Press
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