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New Program, New Direction: Research Studies

ScolioBend is heading in a new direction with our latest program: research studies! Our research studies are conducted by our own team of teen researchers interested in medicine, healthcare, and social impact. Through our research studies, we hope to shine light about scoliosis and how it affects the community. Our first research survey is on scoliosis therapy! Are you going through any kind of physical therapy for your scoliosis, or are you looking into it as a treatment opt

The History of Scoliosis

Having scoliosis is a journey of its own, and everyone, even scoliosis, has a journey! Read below to learn more about the history of scoliosis and scoliosis treatments, and stay Bent To Be Strong™ warriors! Scoliosis was first discovered in 400 B.C. by Greek physician Hippocrates. The term “scoliosis” was coined by another Greek physician named Galen in 200 A.D. The Greeks did not have the technology that we have today, so they began to seek out some sort of treatment for sco

Introducing The Spiral, ScolioBend’s Creative Journal

Dear Scoliosis Warriors, We are delighted to announce the debut of ScolioBend’s Creative Journal, The Spiral! The Spiral is a seasonal, online journal dedicated to empowerment by amplifying the voices of our amazing community of scoliosis warriors. In highlighting your strengths, struggles, and stories, the journal strives to capture and share the authentically intimate view of the scoliosis journey. Every issue will have a unique prompt, and you have complete creative freedo

Check out our new Groovy Scoliosis Therapy Study!

Calling all scoliosis warriors! Would you like to help and support other warriors like you? ScolioBend is conducting a survey to see what kinds of scoliosis therapies are most popular and beneficial, so we can share them with you all! Click the link below to fill out our Groovy Scoliosis Therapy Survey to help our scoliosis community become more aware of different scoliosis therapies/treatments. This is a short survey that will give you the opportunity to share your experienc

2021 Scoliosis Awareness Project: Bent To Be Strong

Hi, and welcome to ScolioBend! We're so glad you're here. June 2021 was our first scoliosis awareness month, and to say the least, it was a major success. We were able to connect with scoliosis warriors all over the world in so many ways, from kicking off our seasonal creative journal The Spiral to hearing what scoliosis warriors had to say about their therapy experiences with our Groovy Therapy Research Study. Most of all, we had the honor of speaking with, learning from, an

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